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Saturday 17th of February 2018
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Affiliations and scope: On the regional level, the Kerti Praja Foundation holds a membership to the Bali AIDS Forum (Forum Lembaga Peduli AIDS Bali) and the Regional AIDS Commission. At the national level, Kerti Praja is a member of National AIDS Forum (Forum Komunikasi Lembaga/Organisasi Peduli AIDS Nasional, FKLOPAN). The Kerti Praja Foundation works across Bali, but specifically in the regions of Badung, Denpasar and Gianyar.

Funding sources: Since establishment, the Kerti Praja Foundation has received funding from numerous agencies: PATH, PCI, FHI/USAID, AusAID, Global Fund, HIVOS, MAC AIDS Fund, Tides Foundation, Wheeler Foundation, Direct Aid Program (Australian Bali Consulate), Rotary, BIWA as well as support from local and national government institutions and private individuals.

Recent projections show that approximately 60,000 women in Bali are potentially vulnerable to HIV infection through the unsafe behaviors of their male partners. In order to address this, the Kerti Praja Foundation is currently expanding our prevention of mother to child transmission program, in conjunction with local, specially trained midwives.

Programs: Since 1992, Kerti Praja has carried out a number of programs concerning HIV&AIDS and STI prevention and treatment, such as outreach work as well as our clinic services for most at risk communities. HIV&AIDS in Bali is growing at an exponential rate. It is estimated that there are currently 7317 PLWHA on the island, which is an enormous increase from 4041 in the year 2007. The majority of people living with HIV&AIDS are female sex workers (FSW) and their male clients (recent survey indicates that only 0, 4% of these wear condoms), but current trends indicate that the epidemic is shifting from a concentrated one (that is, restricted to ‘high risk’ communities such as intravenous drug users and female sex workers) to a generalized epidemic with increasing numbers of housewives and their children being affected.
Fields of expertise: The Kerti Praja Foundation works directly to address sexual and reproductive health concerns within the general public as well as in most at risk communities such as female sex workers and high risk men. Kerti Praja outreach workers are specially trained in HIV/STI prevention communication techniques and our clinic staff are specialized in STI screening and treatment as well as in ARV treatment education, 0pportunistic infections and ARV side effects.

Background and Mission: The Kerti Praja Foundation was established 1st January 1992 with the objective of conducting research, providing education and comprehensive health care for local communities in Bali.

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